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About Fethiye

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Fethiye, 13 of Muğla one of the county and the city that is the administrative center of the county.

The old name of the city is Meğri. This name is thought to derive from the Greek nomenclature Makri, which means “far land”.

It has developed in particular tourism . Its population in 2014 is 140,509. It is the largest district of Muğla and has the largest area and settlement area, including the center of Muğla. In terms of population density, Muğla is larger than the center and other districts.


Fethiye, West of the Mediterranean RegionIt is a district of Muğla. Its area is 3,059 km². It has the largest surface area including Muğla province. It is surrounded by the province of Antalya to the east and southeast, the Mediterranean to the south, southwest and west, Dalaman district to the northwest, Denizli and Burdur to the north. The town of Fethiye, which also hides the ancient city of Telmessos, is located in the east of the Gulf of Fethiye and in the southwest of the Fethiye Plain. Coming through İzmir-Muğla; The coastal road reaching Antalya passes 1 km east of it. By this road, the distance from the city center to Muğla is approximately 130 km.

Fethiye has experienced many important earthquakes. It is known that there was an earthquake in 1856. However, in 1957, two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.1 at 19.10 on April 24 and a magnitude of 7.3 on April 25 at 04:25 occurred, causing 67 deaths and damage to 3200 buildings. Fethiye, which was rebuilt, now has a modern port and marina. There was no loss of life or property, but many houses and workplaces were damaged in the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 off Ölüdeniz on 10 June 2012.


Piri Reis' map of Fethiye Bay.

Piri Reis’s map of Fethiye Bay.

In Belen, near today’s Fethiye city, BC. The ancient city of Telmessos, which is thought to have been founded in 3000 BC, was located on the Karya border of Lycia. After maintaining its independence against Lycia for a long time, BC. It came under Persian rule in the middle of the 6th century. B.C. In the 5th century BC, the League of Delos He joined Lycia in 362. Then it fell into the hands of Mausolos, the Carian Satrap of the Persians, who added Lycia to his lands. B.C. The rule of Alexander, who saved Anatolia from the invasion of the Persians in 333, was followed by the rule of the Seleucids. B.C. It was connected to the Lagos Dynasty in Egypt at the end of the 3rd century. In 188 BC, it came under the sovereignty of the Pergamon (Bergama) Kingdom. BC Kingdom of Pergamon After its collapse in 133 BC, it remained independent for a short time and, by collaborating with Rhodes, opposed Pontus King Mithradates. Later he lived under the Roman and Byzantine administration. In the 8th century, Anastasiuopolis began to be mentioned after the 9th century. It came under the rule of Menteşeoğulları in 1284 and joined the Ottoman lands in 1424. His name, which became Meğri over time, became one of the first air martyrs whose plane crashed in 1914. Fethi Bey It was changed to Fethiye in memory of . Fethiye, which was an accident center connected to the Menteşe Sanjak of the Aydın Province at the end of the 19th century, was under Italian occupation between 11 May 1919 and 20 June 1920.


Oludeniz has a unique beach in the world, Fethiye, It is one of the important tourism centers of Turkey. It has very suitable places for diving such as Af Kule. There are many caves opened for tourism. With its natural structure Paragliding</a > Alternative sports such as Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay There are very special regions whose nature is undisturbed. The islands called 12 Islands can be visited with daily tours. Ölüdeniz beach was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world with 82% of votes in 2006.

Lycian king tombs carved into the rocks.

Lycian king tombs carved into the rocks.

Beautiful beaches around Fethiye except Ölüdeniz: Belcekız (Belceğiz), Çalış Beach, Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan )

In addition to so many alternatives, it is also open to cultural tourism with its ancient city ruins. Some of the ancient cities around Fethiye are as follows: TelmessosKaunos, Kadianda, TlosPınara, Letoon< /a>, Sidyma and Xanthos. Apart from these, with its rich works, Fethiye Museum also serves tourism.

Knight Island: Megri Island in History, Fethiye Island Knight Island, also known as; It is an elongated wishbone-shaped island that closes the Gulf of Fethiye, making the harbor a sheltered place. It is the only island in the chain of islands surrounding the region with a settlement on it. There is Kızılada in the west, Calis Beach in the east, Fethiye in the south, and the open sea in the north of the island of Knight. Due to its location in the very heart of the port, it follows the sunlight all day long.

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