A total of 20,260 square meters of land for sale in İzmir Yeni Foça.

As seen in the picture, it is for sale in 2 pieces, A and B.

Area A includes 9 parcels of 3,825 square meters – 12 units of 4,432 square meters – 13 units of 4,716 square meters = 34 parcels and 12,973 square meters in total.

Area B includes 8 parcels of 2.528 square meters – 10 units of 3.032 square meters – 6 units of 1.727 square meters = 24 parcels and 7.287 square meters in total.

The zoning status of the plots may be 1 floor from 15 + 15 30+ Elevation and more housing can be built when some names are connected / consolidated within themselves. In the letter received from Foça municipality of the land; In the Revision of the 1/1000 scale Yenifoça Implementation Zoning Plan, it has been reported that the Separate Ordinance is 2 (two) floors, the Front Garden Distance is 5 meters, the side garden distance is 3 meters, TAKS: 0.15 KAKS: 0.30 and it remains in the Development Kanut area.

NOTE: Pictures related to sample projects around are in the images.

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